Taking Action on Depleted Uranium – Change Australia’s Vote at the UN!

This is it – the home stretch – and likely the most important stage of our lobbying ahead of the UN vote on greater transparency on the use of depleted uranium weapons.

We are two weeks away from the vote – now scheduled to be held on November 5 or 6 – and we need to move Australia’s vote from an abstention to a YES.

With the UN Security Council vote out of the way, Foreign Minister Carr can now focus his attention to this and other issues. I note that Bob Carr has announced an “Australian agenda” – that being an emphasis on nuclear non-proliferation, arms control and women’s rights.

I would think a precautionary “yes” vote on greater transparency on DU munitions to protect civilians would be totally consistent with this very noble ‘Australian’ agenda! 

Perhaps you could write a quick note (or another note!) to Bob Carr to suggest this?

You could also mention that you are aware that the studies cited by the Government are:  deemed by experts to be out-dated; short-term desk studies, none looking at long-term impact on civilians exposed to DU and are superseded by new science and research, therefore not a reliable set of studies to inform the Government’s position.

And then invite the Government to adopt the precautionary principle, as argued powerfully in this report Precaution in Practice, Challenging the Acceptability of Depleted Uranium Weapons found at http://www.bandepleteduranium.org/en/docs/195.pdf

More info and resources for letter writing can be found here: www.acbuw.org

You can send your letter instantly using this online form http://aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members/Contact_Senator_or_Member?MPID=wx4

And be sure to sign and distribute this petition if you haven’t already – would be great to get at least 1000 online signatures before the vote to complement our apprx 5000 paper signatures.


In other campaign news:

– Did you see Channel 10’s coverage of our campaign, using my pics from Fallujah? Here’s the report:


– Here’s a great interview, including images from Fallujah and covering some important and profound questions by filmmaker Trevor from Byron Vibe website – have a look


– Here’s a recent news story about a new study documenting Iraq’s rise in birth defects


– Several Labor MPs want to lead a delegation to Bob Carr to urge him move to a “Yes” vote , and one will devote a Private Members Statement to the issue when Parliament meets again next week.

– There’s an international team in New York lobbying UN diplomats (including Aust diplomats) about the upcoming vote.

– I am in regular contact with one of Carr’s senior advisers, but it’s become clear the pressure from the United States to not vote Yes, has been intense.

All the more reason to go hard these next two weeks and let the Government know our opinion loud and clear – I’m hoping that our collective voice as well as Carr’s sense of common sense and independence will result in Australia voting “YES” for greater transparency for DU weapons for the sake of the victims of war.

Here’s hoping… let’s go!

PS: Bob Carr’s postal address: Foreign Minister, The Hon Mr Bob Carr, Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600. Pls send last-minute snail mail letters by this week. Be sure to CC your local MP.

You can send a message instantly via his website contact page or telephone 02 6277 7500.

You can also send him a direct message on twitter @bobjcarr .

PPS: For campaign updates follow me on twitter @donnamulhearn or find me on Facebook

PPPS:  “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Anne Frank 

Posted on September 12, 2012

Taking Action on Depleted Uranium – Change Australia’s Vote at the UN! PLEASE SIGN

Please sign this online petition urging Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr to vote “Yes” at the United Nations First Committee in October 2012 when a resolution will be moved regarding greater transparency by users of depleted uranium weapons.

At a similar vote two years ago, Australia abstained – we need to change this to a “YES”.

Please pass this on to your friends and networks.

Write to the Foreign Minister and your MP

Write to Foreign Minister Bob Carr and your local MP before Oct 31, 2012 about the upcoming UN First Committee vote. Here are some resources you may find useful in writing your letter:

Channel 10’s coverage of the campaign http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYaAh9X-s9w

Precaution in Practice Report http://www.bandepleteduranium.org/en/docs/195.pdf

Good summary of latest research and arguments:


Bob Carr’s postal address: Foreign Minister, The Hon Mr Bob Carr, Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600.
You can also send him a direct message on twitter @bobjcarr , send a message via his website contact page or telephone 02 6277 7500.

For campaign updates follow Donna Mulhearn on twitter @donnamulhearn

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