Australians working together to Ban Uranium Weapons

The Australian Campaign to Ban Uranium Weapons is a coalition of groups and individuals  working together for:

– An immediate end to the use of uranium weapons.

– an international ban on the use of uranium weapons via UN resolutions and treaties

– Disclosure of all locations where uranium weapons have been used and immediate removal of the remnants and contaminated materials from the sites under strict control.

– Health surveys of the ‘depleted’ uranium victims and environmental investigations at the affected sites.

– Medical treatment and compensation for the ‘depleted’ uranium victims.

– An end to the development, production, stockpiling, testing, trade of uranium weapons.

– Further research into the impact of uranium weapons on human health and eco-systems

Specifically we call on:

– Australian Government support for future international resolutions and treaties to ban uranium weapons

– An Australian Government ban on Australian use of uranium weapons and military action in conjunction with nations that use uranium weapons

– the Australian government to investigate whether Australian uranium exports are being used in weaponry, and if so, as a matter of transparency, reveal where they are being, or have been used in the past

The International Campaign

With more than 100 member organisations in 28 countries worldwide, the International Campaign to Ban Uranium Weapons represents the best opportunity yet to achieve a global ban on the use of uranium in weapons. Even though the use of weapons containing uranium should already be illegal, an explicit treaty, as has been seen with chemical and biological weapons, landmines and cluster bombs, has proved the best solution for confirming their illegality. Such a treaty would not only outlaw the use of uranium weapons, but would include the prohibition of their production, the destruction of stockpiles, the decontamination of battlefields and rules on compensation for victims.

ICBUW has prepared a draft treaty and is following the successful example of the Cluster Munition Coalition. ICBUW’s grassroots member organisations lobby at a national level (that’s us!), while ICBUW itself works with supranational bodies such as the European Parliament and the United Nations

Australia’s Role: It is vital that Australia supports the draft treaty and this will require a concerted local campaign. Australia did not support a recent UN resolution calling for greater transparency on uranium weapons use, but rather abstained while 148 nations supported it, and only four voted against. We need to send a message to the Australian Government that we want to see our UN vote used to support human rights and victims of war rather than shirk our responsibilities for the sake of the US Alliance.

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1 Response to Australians working together to Ban Uranium Weapons

  1. grantdo says:

    Great campaign. Also on [musician ] Paul Greene’s page.

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