2013 – Latest news…

The UN on depleted uranium weapons was held in December last year and there’s good news and bad news.

Here’s the result of the vote: UN General Assembly supports precautionary approach to depleted uranium weapons http://www.bandepleteduranium.org/en/unga-2012-vote

The good news is that 155 nations voted in favour, only four against, and 27 abstained – stronger figures than the vote held two years ago.

The bad news is: Australian abstained again. Unfortunately this was not unexpected as in the weeks prior to the vote the noises coming out of Canberra was that the pressure from the US was intense.

What a disappointing result for Australians! Please feel free to express your disappointment to Foreign Minister, Bob Carr. Here is my analysis of it: Australia proves a soft touch at the UN over toxic warfare which was published on Eureka Street.


I was pleased to have the popular women’s website Mamamia pick up my story which they titled “You’ve never seen a face as a mother watching her baby die.” It meant getting the story out to a huge readership, which would not normally see it…


So what’s next? For me, this week  ( 1Feb 2013) I’m heading back to Iraq to continue to gather stories and document this issue and am excited to announce that film maker David Bradbury plans to accompany me to document this story. Many of you would know of David’s work – he is one of Australia’s best known and most successful documentary filmmakers. His films have been shown on all the major Australian commercial and public broadcast networks as well as overseas. He has won countless international film festival prizes and been the winner of five AFI awards and two Academy Award nominations

David has earned an international reputation as a film maker willing to go to extraordinary lengths for a cause, exposing political oppression and environmental vandalism.  More about him here: http://www.frontlinefilms.com.au/profile.htm

The challenge for David is, like most film makers, he works off the smell of an oily rag, and has committed to this story before receiving funding for it. His trip to Iraq is dependent upon scraping together enough funds for his travel expenses in the next 6 weeks.

Can you help this story to be brought to a wider, international audience?  Perhaps purchase one of my books or Rise Up music CD or make a donation? Details below.

Thanks to all for your support last year, it’s been wonderful to meet many of you, come to your areas and speak with your groups. Thanks for your campaigning and for sharing the journey.

As we head towards the 10 year anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, here’s to working together so that the voices of the victims of war can be heard.


PS: If you would like to assist fundraising for the documentary by purchasing copies of my book Ordinary Courage for $25 (+postage) or copies of the CD “Rise up” which features inspirational anti-war music, just reply and we’ll organise it.

PPS: If you are able to donate to the Fallujah documentary appeal and support David’s travel expenses, that would be much appreciated. Account details are: Donna Mulhearn, volunteer expenses, BSB: 062181 a/c: 10305704

Thank you!

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