Take Action

There are many ways you can become involved and contribute to this campaign.

Current Petitions

Petition to Australia’s Foreign Minister

In October the United Nations First Committee will consider a resolution calling for greater transparency on the use of depleted uranium weapons, requesting user nations to reveal where they have been used so affected communities are aware. At a similar vote held two years ago 148 nations voted in favour of this sensible resolution (as you would!), four countries voted against (US, Israel, UK and France) and Australia abstained. An abstention is ignoring our human rights obligations and so we need to change Australia’s vote to YES by October.
Please sign this online petition urging Foreign Minister Bob Carr to vote ‘Yes’ at the United Nations First Committee in October.

International Petition
Support this international petition to ban uranium weapons.

Write to the Foreign Minister and your MP

Write to Foreign Minister Bob Carr and your local MP in the next few weeks about the UN First Committee vote. Here are some resources you may find useful in writing your letter:

Bob Carr’s postal address: Foreign Minister, The Hon Mr Bob Carr, Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600.
You can also send him a direct message on twitter @bobjcarr , send a message via his website contact page or telephone 02 6277 7500.

Join ACBUW’s email list

To receive updates from the ACBUW, email: acbuw@hotmail.com

Support the Fallujah Project

The Fallujah project will allow Donna, Dr Richard Hil and other human rights campaigners to research the impact of depleted uranium on the people of Fallujah, and raise awareness about their situation through a book and documentary. Find out more about the project and how to donate to support the project.

Other actions you can take

Organise a fundraising event to support ACBUW
Support independent DU research online at bandepleteduranium.org

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